Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time Knows.

The more you do at one time, the more time will slow down for you.
Time respects  multitaskers.

I constantly feel like I'm multitasking, and I'm not complaining one bit about that. The only times I don't feel like I'm multitasking are when I'm at work. At work it feels like there's never enough to do to multitask even and I'm constantly bored out of my mind. Id really love to be a writer. to have a profession doing something meaningful. I went to school to be a dental assistant. Still I know that's only temporary. I know some day I will be an artist. Ive got so much going on right now there is no way It wont happen. One thing or another will give and someone will notice my worth. Perhaps My book will get published, my song will be bought, or my paintings.

I will never have a fulfilling life as long as I'm in a "normal" conventional job. I was not meant to make peoples smiles brighter, I was here to change the world

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