Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My music.

In my profile I stated that I can sing and that i cover music but I only just now realized that I never gave my readers any proof. Here is a track of me singing "Why Dont You Do Right?"

Link leads to Youtube.

It's stupid to not like doing the laundry

I have to remember that i like laundry. Its a very simple chore and yet once you've done three loads it feel like you've really accomplished a lot even though you haven't done much. Laundry is such a simple and mechanical idea, easey peasy, no thought at all goes into it. I don't separate my clothes and I wash everything on cold. I don't buy drier sheets or fabric softener because I find them to be a waste of money. Why should I pay for conditioner for my clothes. clean is good enough. I don't mind static. Finally. Its so god damn easy. Put stuff in take it out over and over and when your done you have all your fashion options at your fingertips like a brand new wardrobe just waiting to be mixed and matched. You can watch T.V. and listen to music while you do laundry. when I say you I suppose I really mean me. I have to convince myself for who knows what stupid reason. I do not want to do chores today. I usually don't mind. Its just that today I'm in a horrible snotty mood because my back hurts REALLY bad. I am not normally a whiny baby. I am only like this today I promise. Its just that in this god damned house we have no chairs with backs on them. So I have to either remember to sit up perfectly straight or I end up hunched over. And god does that fucking hurt after a few days. I don't even have any pain medicine to take either. So I think I can whine a bit.

Don't worry though. I wont be a slob (look up slob by weezer.) I am going to have to get started cleaning the house because my boyfriend is coming home from work soon and I want to have it all looking nice by then, and YES I looooovvve the idea of being a perfect little housewife. ; ) OH! I'm going to figure out how to upload photos to this website and I'll add ones of our clean room once I'm done.
Lazy day endssssss NOW!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time Knows.

The more you do at one time, the more time will slow down for you.
Time respects  multitaskers.

I constantly feel like I'm multitasking, and I'm not complaining one bit about that. The only times I don't feel like I'm multitasking are when I'm at work. At work it feels like there's never enough to do to multitask even and I'm constantly bored out of my mind. Id really love to be a writer. to have a profession doing something meaningful. I went to school to be a dental assistant. Still I know that's only temporary. I know some day I will be an artist. Ive got so much going on right now there is no way It wont happen. One thing or another will give and someone will notice my worth. Perhaps My book will get published, my song will be bought, or my paintings.

I will never have a fulfilling life as long as I'm in a "normal" conventional job. I was not meant to make peoples smiles brighter, I was here to change the world

its been a long time.

I haven't been posting in a long while. Ill have to do that. I've written passing entry ideas as the days have gone by. I will be posting a lot soon. I know its not a current thought, it almost feels like I'm stealing from myself. Not thinking up brand new ideas. But I had quite a few perplexing thoughts flitting through my brain. I don't believe in wasting Ideas like that and just letting them simply rot.

I don't really have any pictures on my blog. I feel like this lack of photos makes my blog boring. I wish I could post cool pics with every post, but I'm too scatterbrained to think to figure out how to upload them. for some reason the process seems a bit difficult. I've been putting it off. I guess you could call me lazy.

Other things I haven't been doing. 
I haven't seen my little brothers. I really want to. I really should. I want to keep in touch with them and continue my efforts teaching them how to read. I also haven't called Grandpa Charles. I need to. I feel horrible that I haven't. I feel worse though about not visiting my grandpa Joe. Hes a really nice guy. Widower. I know hes lonely, and I'm often bored, and yet Ive been far too "busy" to even call him We were supposed to go to pick out movies together. Black and white ones, and he'd tell me all about the old stars. Those plans were made back before the snow got bad. People get depressed when the snow comes, and this is his first winter alone. What a great kid Ive been. I bet he is really in pain.

I haven't painted anything. Not since Ive moved and all my art supplies are packed away in my trunk. I hope to do some creative workings soon. I found a mannequin in my neighbors trash today and brought it home. I cleaned it off and have intentions of painting it and then covering it with my jewelry. necklaces only though, because it doesn't have arms.
ill see my brothers tomorrow. Ill also call Grandpa.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Hopeless Disillusionment

Asking all the questions that I'm wondering about you 
You only can answer for the things 
that we
us two
cant do. 
Silent slipping downward toward a false place I'm escaping to, someone whose providing me with everything without the few
things that we all need and yet there's what you wont acknowledge, 
bring me to a safer place and coax me off this thinning ledge.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Everything is life. Life is not to be stopped.

Everything is life.
Today the wind shall style my hair as I’m on my great adventure, the sun shall paint my face any color that it wants.
I’ll meditate beneath the shady tree. 
I’ll dance in dewy valleys.
I'll sing harmonies with my echo in the canyon, and wade in waters a stone throw away from magnificent falls. The light will wrap around me yet pierce into my skin until it smashes into my soul, I am electricity, I am energy, I am spirit.
Today is a day with purpose, time is not to be wasted, risk cannot be hesitated, motion and life shall thrive and move and all shall breathe. 
Every heart will beat at once together the sound shall resonate throughout the whole world, 
only few will hear it.
it rhythms and the forces of the earth are connected. 
All loving people are joined in this moment, in every moment. 
Everything is life. Life is not to be stopped.

I take pitty on those who didn't see the sky.

The atmosphere was mysterious and alluring today. 
A deep rusty red hue snaked in an undulating pattern around the perimeter of the dome we call sky. 
Off in the distance, lightning throbbed from deep within a dense cloud
I envisaged a mad scientist who’d barricaded himself entrenched within the vapor, zapping together a shockingly warped experiment, which would surely run rampant across the planet and destroy all of humanity once it was released from the chains that bound him within his cocoon.
The thunder was not the symptom of fierce weather but instead the monsters grumbling growl and the lightning was the pulsing energy of wicked life that coursed through its reptilian veins.