Tuesday, February 21, 2012

its been a long time.

I haven't been posting in a long while. Ill have to do that. I've written passing entry ideas as the days have gone by. I will be posting a lot soon. I know its not a current thought, it almost feels like I'm stealing from myself. Not thinking up brand new ideas. But I had quite a few perplexing thoughts flitting through my brain. I don't believe in wasting Ideas like that and just letting them simply rot.

I don't really have any pictures on my blog. I feel like this lack of photos makes my blog boring. I wish I could post cool pics with every post, but I'm too scatterbrained to think to figure out how to upload them. for some reason the process seems a bit difficult. I've been putting it off. I guess you could call me lazy.

Other things I haven't been doing. 
I haven't seen my little brothers. I really want to. I really should. I want to keep in touch with them and continue my efforts teaching them how to read. I also haven't called Grandpa Charles. I need to. I feel horrible that I haven't. I feel worse though about not visiting my grandpa Joe. Hes a really nice guy. Widower. I know hes lonely, and I'm often bored, and yet Ive been far too "busy" to even call him We were supposed to go to pick out movies together. Black and white ones, and he'd tell me all about the old stars. Those plans were made back before the snow got bad. People get depressed when the snow comes, and this is his first winter alone. What a great kid Ive been. I bet he is really in pain.

I haven't painted anything. Not since Ive moved and all my art supplies are packed away in my trunk. I hope to do some creative workings soon. I found a mannequin in my neighbors trash today and brought it home. I cleaned it off and have intentions of painting it and then covering it with my jewelry. necklaces only though, because it doesn't have arms.
ill see my brothers tomorrow. Ill also call Grandpa.

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