Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's stupid to not like doing the laundry

I have to remember that i like laundry. Its a very simple chore and yet once you've done three loads it feel like you've really accomplished a lot even though you haven't done much. Laundry is such a simple and mechanical idea, easey peasy, no thought at all goes into it. I don't separate my clothes and I wash everything on cold. I don't buy drier sheets or fabric softener because I find them to be a waste of money. Why should I pay for conditioner for my clothes. clean is good enough. I don't mind static. Finally. Its so god damn easy. Put stuff in take it out over and over and when your done you have all your fashion options at your fingertips like a brand new wardrobe just waiting to be mixed and matched. You can watch T.V. and listen to music while you do laundry. when I say you I suppose I really mean me. I have to convince myself for who knows what stupid reason. I do not want to do chores today. I usually don't mind. Its just that today I'm in a horrible snotty mood because my back hurts REALLY bad. I am not normally a whiny baby. I am only like this today I promise. Its just that in this god damned house we have no chairs with backs on them. So I have to either remember to sit up perfectly straight or I end up hunched over. And god does that fucking hurt after a few days. I don't even have any pain medicine to take either. So I think I can whine a bit.

Don't worry though. I wont be a slob (look up slob by weezer.) I am going to have to get started cleaning the house because my boyfriend is coming home from work soon and I want to have it all looking nice by then, and YES I looooovvve the idea of being a perfect little housewife. ; ) OH! I'm going to figure out how to upload photos to this website and I'll add ones of our clean room once I'm done.
Lazy day endssssss NOW!

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