Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Everything is life. Life is not to be stopped.

Everything is life.
Today the wind shall style my hair as I’m on my great adventure, the sun shall paint my face any color that it wants.
I’ll meditate beneath the shady tree. 
I’ll dance in dewy valleys.
I'll sing harmonies with my echo in the canyon, and wade in waters a stone throw away from magnificent falls. The light will wrap around me yet pierce into my skin until it smashes into my soul, I am electricity, I am energy, I am spirit.
Today is a day with purpose, time is not to be wasted, risk cannot be hesitated, motion and life shall thrive and move and all shall breathe. 
Every heart will beat at once together the sound shall resonate throughout the whole world, 
only few will hear it.
it rhythms and the forces of the earth are connected. 
All loving people are joined in this moment, in every moment. 
Everything is life. Life is not to be stopped.

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