Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What do thorns mean?

Hello. the weathers been nice recently. Actually, compared to previous years the weathers been dandy all winter long. Mild to cold temperatures and light snow. Its been a dream. The nice weather of winter seems to be giving us an early spring, that I can see will rocket launch into summer weather. It might still be winter on the calendar, but flowers and trees and temperature doesn't know that. New life is sprouting up all around us.

Many are happy. Some are a bit guarded  and cautious, knowing that trees budding and leaves opening and tulips sprouting in February was not a good sign, and might not be the best for the Eco system in the long run, especially if a late frost comes again.

still even those with doubt can not help but to enjoy this weather. which only helps humans for the better. especially the economy. it costs less to run a household, without having to heat it. you save money on gas, not having to run the car for so long each morning to warm it up, and local shops and down town places are doing well, with the extra foot traffic that they normally wouldn't expect until late spring after the snow melts and the slush dissolves away.

I live in a larger city. Despite its urban reputation there are quite a few hidden splendors of nature one can find lurking within the corners, hidden entrances under bridges that go over creeks that people rarely think to follow. These creeks lead to rivers and springs. I really like springs. Many people don't understand the actually definition of a spring. If they are unsure they should look it up, because I don't want to explain that here. not right now at least. . .Sorry :S

I always assumed that I lived in a wooded forest like area. Only just recently have I realized that every single time I go into the forest, unless its the very life of summer, when the sun is blazing, I find that the grounds are covered in water. weather it be puddles ponds or simply sodding wet combination of leaves and mushy clay, its always wet. One more thing Ive only just realized; along side many of the towering trees we have an overabundance of bushes. not leafy things but twiggy spindly bushes with little foliage clinging to their limbs. Finally, the place Ive grown up is covered in thorns. All kinds, shapes and sizes, and even the shorter trees have thorns.

These thorny plants do not have a flower to boast or a color to covet.
All I see is thorn. Grey green and occasionally a muted red thorny plant.

So I am starting to reevaluate the label I've ignorantly placed on my location. Perhaps I do not live in a foresty area, I cant imagine a forest that would be this rude and violent. Walking through the wood is like running through a clinical unit of zombie nurses all wanting to take your blood. As you run through the swarm of zombie nurses  you get poked and prodded and come out bleeding and raw.

I am wondering, maybe I live in more of a swamp type of place, or perhaps a marsh. I am not sure, but the thorns are really making me doubt that this could simply be a forest.

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  1. Does it look like the pictures are too big?

    I made some of them that way as to make it feel as if the viewer was inside the picture.

    What do you think?