Tuesday, March 13, 2012


frustrated yet calm.

Just wrote whole blog only to have power outage.

Blog is now gone. What does that mean?

Should I re write it, or should I just move forward.

Or should I even go back and edit my previous entry, which is riddled with typos, and grammar mistakes ( which will probably never be worked out, due to my inability to apply formulaic methods to any kind of thought ESPECIALLY those that are creative.) Formulas belong in math. I simply can not visualize a tiny bit of any kind of math. and that includes judging heights and distances. the entire concept seems to fake. Trying to see things that the eyes can not, for the purpose of making more comparisons the eyes cant make.  and adding them all up for some reason. What reason? I don't know. Lengths heights. Cant this be done by seeing rather then figuring? The world I live in personally is one where the things I need are all in close range. I keep what I need close, and light. I don't collect. I try not to want.

The very thought of math or science at all makes me completely fumed. I feel as If someone has left me all stabby gougey. with holes and ropes tied and strung through my stomach.

Its that bad.

People who say art is math can fuck off

And Id Love someone to respond to this post explaining why math isn't complicated or societal unnecessary higgely piggely.

counting. adding dividing, like some nervous freak who cant just live and walk around in the world and learn about things that are helpful. Like how to climb up a clay hill. slippery fuckers. I end up face in the ground sliding back down while the mucky clay treats my Nose like a play doh appliance, and I end up exhaling long noodle shaped clogs of dirt through my nostrils.

Yes someone tell me how math will help this. No ropes allowed and no rulers and no way to measure how steep the god damned hill is. Because I was a human and I wasn't born with tools so I seldom use them. sure id use a ruler.
but using a ruler would mean that Id have to FIRST CLIMB THE HILL in order to measure it. And i don't even know what measuring it would help any way. besides then I would have to craft the ruler myself. and make up my own unit of measuring. which seems stupid. what can I craft myself? eventually- a rope- some clothing- a knife of sorts- some baskets- a walking  stick. but yes. Id like to not depend on anything unless I can make it with things in my vicinity. things I can comprehend. I don't even have a cellphone. which Is a shocker to some people. I do enjoy the computer and my cameras. But I'm not going to use them in the woods to help me calculate anything. Go ahead debate me. try to tell me why art is math. you can go on and on but I think it might just be peoples need to have some sort of law, a safety net. I don't think any of it is really there. not unless we point it out. its something I cant explain to you.  Math might have made many things but math is not everything. I cant explain how I feel. Only that at this point all I feel is angry and defensive. I never use math unless I must. Life doesn't need math is what I'm saying. people can do things without having to count and figure out why.

 Life doesn't need a lot of things. In fact Wouldn't wear clothes if I didn't have to.


  1. Math and science are fundamental to our understanding of the universe, willful ignorance is personal neglegence. As someone who has devoted my life to the pursuit of Math and Science, your attitude towards the subjects pain me.

    Math and science complicated, they work in ways that are fundamentally different from that of which our brains work. The more you learn about math/science, the more you learn about the fundamentals which govern the world we live in. Theres so much that I can't explain in a comment box. The sheer complexity of the equations used to model a toilet flush, car's cruise control, or the overwhelming layers upon layers of technology used to create this blog, its mind boggling.

    Take one number for example, e (2.71828...). This one number is used to model how many people are born, and will die in any given area. It's fundamental in modeling patterns of how flower petals, and tree branches grow. The number is found as a fraction of size at the very level of what we find to be astheticly pleasing (A ratio every great artist has known for hundreds of years).

    Math is all around you, and science is applied to everything you do that isn't blowing clay out of your nose. It's silly to scoff at people who say math is art. It is art, it's a high form of art that not everyone can see or understand. You should take the time to try and see it from a different perspective, you'd be surprised.

    1. In my opinion math is nothing. The only thing math COULD be, is a unit of description. No more important then the things we use to describe colors or tastes. Math does not exist. One can not hold a "blue" one can not hold "salty". These words do not exist outside the fact that they are terms used to describe something that is already there. Something that doesn't become a "thing", until we point it out. Like time, for example.

      A simple example is you can taste something without having to know what it is or why. Which is the same reason I find math to be pointless. I would not say red is art- that is base. The world is happening regardless of how we see it. regardless of how we describe it. Humans must exist in order for formulas to exist. Its no more organic then a CD player or a drumbeat. Do you understand what I am saying?

  2. I understand what you are saying, I don't think you understand what I am saying.

    Math is organic and natural. There is a set of mathematical rules that governs everything, and it is there weather or not we know about it--It doesn't require humans to exist. You can choose to ignore it, and focus on other things, but that doesn't change anything. A formula is just our way of understanding the way something works--it's a language of description, not definition, not an invention.

    I don't understand how you could consider the most basic building block of existence to be "nothing." Math as a language does not come natural to people. We don't intrinsicly understand it, the way we understand sensory input, like taste, or colors or emotions. Don't let the fact that math isn't something you natually and easily grasp throw you off. It's something that we need to learn to see and understand, it's a little more complicated than just looking at a pretty picture, or tasting something.

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    2. Time does not exist. This is a thought that is already widely considered and acknowledged by many intelligent individuals. Recently speculated is the conclusion that motion does not exist either.

      So much of "Math" is based on time.

      So much of "Math" is based on motion.

      How can you rely so strongly, or even feel comfortable to follow math when its based on elements that do not really exist?

  3. You are really misunderstanding some very derivative pop science. Time absolutely exists, The fact that you live and die are overwhelming evidence of this. When it is claimed that time or motion doesn't exist, it refers to their existence in higher dimensions, and usually how they are so unimportant that they are rendered completely irrelevant withing a system.

    Your argument seems really silly and just a flimsy misunderstanding of math. The absolute rules of the universe (math, science, etc) are more widely accepted than that which we perceive as being absolute and unshakable--from a philosophical standpoint at least.

    If you rely this strongly on your feelings and emotions to help you determine what is true, you sound a lot like a religious thinker. Religious thinking is always a trap, and allowing dogma to shape the way you think is really doing yourself a disservice.

    1. There is no dogma here. Though I do believe in God. Do you?

    2. The reason I ask is simply to say this- I do not believe in time, and I do not believe in Math the same way one might not believe in God. Your "formulas" are too weak and ever changing.

      I have a right not to believe in math the same way you do.

      You do understand--- I see math as a descriptive unit. Nothing more. Correct? This is how I believe in math. I think anything else is childish. almost the way a religious person might get stuck up to their eye balls in dogma and hide for safety behind their bibles. Such is the way I believe math exists to some people, who are too scared possibly, to admit that there really is nothing.

    3. I suppose technically you have a right to lump math and science in as right brain thought just because you don't understand them.

      I don't think you understand formulas, I would ask you to go in more detail as to what you define as "weak and ever changing." Especially since you admittedly don't know alot of math, and aren't good at it. That seem like a pretty high level statement for someone with such a strained understanding of something.

      One does not believe in math and science as one believes in a god. That type of thought is going rampant around this country, and needs to stop.

      I'm honestly grasping to keep track of your thesis statement. Correct me if I am wrong, but you wrote and entire rambling blog post about the fleetingness of human life. Clearly you understand the affect of time on yourself, what then do you choose not to believe about time?

      After years of spiritual inquiry, I am proud to call myself an Atheist.

  4. Where was a thesis? I never set out to state one. I simply write, my dear fellow, simply write.

    In regard to writing- I demand to be taken seriously, and I am delighted you have. You must be taking me very seriously to help keep up this ping pong chitty chatty display of disagreements with me. I am glad to also see you are not emotionally damaged by the situation. Some people take to whining. While your writing reeks of the notion that you are either a better or more intelligent human being then myself, Id much rather see this then childish pouting.

    In regards to my blog- you did notice I stated we "spend" time- clearly using it as a metaphorical tool to explain that we all will die. I even had a bit in their about talking to death. This obviously shows that the entry was not meant to be taken in literal sense. Perhaps you should sharpen up your reading skills, no?. . . Yes? Just a suggestion. It's quite a decent tool to know when something is literal and something is not. Saying I understand that I am going to die some day does not mean I believe in math. Or even time. And knowing that we live and die does not prove that time exists.

    I understand you are not an illiterate- I am simply giving you a hard time. If you have read my blog then why do you waste or rather focus your energy fighting me on something I do not believe in? You are coming off as one of those door to door missionaries. The ones people usually hide from. Why not watch my Dead baby link? Or find a blog more suitable to your concerns?

    We COULD keep at it like this eternally though.

    It was I, indeed who proposed the challenge.