Saturday, May 26, 2012

Writing music.

I have been extremely busy.
Recently I have been working on writing music.
I am currently in contact with a music producer who is ... well you know, producing music. He writes music for general commercials, and movie trailers, or show theme songs, that's the best way I can explain it. He has made a what appears to be a pretty good living. It makes sense too, he has after all been working his kind of art his whole adult life. He has been in the music business since the 70s I believe. In my opinion  he lives a rather fancy upper middle class life as a music producer. He works when he wants- does what he wants- its a great way to live because he's generally his own boss.
 anyway that's all I have been working on lately. Writing songs for my producer. I wrote about 11 I believe. Once he figures them out hopefully we will work on them from there. unfortunately I don't think I am as motivational as he'd like me to be, but I really write what I feel.Some of my songs are moody, or strange. I write really abstract stuff. So I write what moves me. I write what I feeel. I write where the spirit of song takes me.
   I only hope that is good enough.
sssss for reading!
no really though.... thanks. I'm going to post my latest painting project online soon. keep your eyes open for it. love you all.. :) ...
I miss my boyfriend.

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