Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Sacrifice One Strawberry Makes To Save Himself and His Brothers.

Oh moldy strawberry, what to do with you? Only one moldy strawberry. Not three or four or two. Yet you are a moldy strawberry in this plastic berry case, and while while I'd like to eat your brothers, I'm not so sure that it is safe. For you, moldy strawberry, have sickened the whole lot, even though I see no other mold, to eat them I dare not. I am sure they taste delicious and I'm sure that you might to, but mycotoxicosis is something I wont do. So Ill bury you in the garden, where you will slowly help the soil,  My happy plans to eat your tasty family your did foil. Your sacrifice was brave, my little rotten summer treat, because of your new fuzzy coat, my cravings met defeat.

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