Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Might Help Some Day

I can not stand this artificial world that we live in.
 I know so many people who agree but they give in.
 The society we created,
 the rules that we made.
 Forcing us to meet the standards of someone elses game.
 Why did we do it?
 Yes we humans made it.
 Putting all our children through it
 even though we hate it.
All this pain and all this struggle, we invented all the trouble, we created guns that kill causing fear and repression. We created money and now without it find depression. We rose the standards higher and worked down to the bone, to achieve materialistic prizes but still we are alone, surrounded in our houses by our brain washing devices forgetting that these cellphones and computers are just vices. Im trying to find a place in this world but dont match up, I struggle to get of the ground but the world wont give a fuck. and everybodys running and everybodys churning trying to be successfull while the time we have is burning. We end our day and wonder why we feel so incomplete, and so we pop some more pills just so we can sleep. And its not that were addicted but were definetly dependant on the stimunlants perscripted because without them were defenceless, to the monsters of the corprate world, the war lords of the modern life If they found we had a weakness theyd use it to block out the light. To take away the freedoms that right now we think we have, how can anyone be happy in a world thats raving mad. How am I supposed to live here and stay down and hurt and sad, when I know that theres a pill to take to make it not so bad. A little tiny moon to eat to heal this little heart break, to wash away the head ache, to settle down the earth quake. Yes I think I have to- societys forced me to it, If life was lived the natural way I wouldnt have to do it. But because I see corruption, and I can not sleep at night, knowing about the evil truths and how none of this is right. Because I see how easialy it would be to simply end it, to uninvent the money instead of simply spend it, to take away the pride that people find in needing, to heal the people like me, on their knees hearts bleeding, to give the people courage to find stregnth I hear them pleading, the only help that I can give is to show how lifes misleading, I tell them to remember that none of this is real, if its man made its made up and without it we can heal, Because I know the answers but all alone I can not do it, because id be the only one whod ever follow through with it, Because I love the people who some how stand to live this life, I have to take a little pill so I can be allright. Without it Im sure I wouldnt live another sleepless night.

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