Monday, April 2, 2012

A wonderful lesson from a wonderful art teacher. Part 2

 In the four months I was there I excelled with my sketches and oil paintings and was able to create with such an ease I had never before experienced in my life. In all honesty I am currently les refined in regards to skill and technique due to the lack of guided practice and less structure in my foundations.  Back then, however, there was nothing I felt I couldn’t make.
All it took was a gentle nudge here and a little push there and my ability blossomed. Once I was able to feel comfortable in my capability there was nothing preventing me from imagining wonderfully elaborate things.
Being able to think something in my head and then actually accurately draw it out to life was, and still is, one of the most important aspects of art to me. I use my art to bring my wild whims out into the real world so I can live in them physically with added texture, mobility, scent and obviously sound. As a musician and an artist I love to incorporate sound into art. I think the added touch truly brings everything to life. I occasionally use bells, wind chimes, rubber bands and guitar strings.
For me the process of convincing a wild thought out of my mind and into the tangible world is a frustrating task because I don’t just want to explore a partial version of what I think, I want it to be complete. I want the real deal in its entirety. I want to feel like I am walking into a dream. There are short periods of time where my writing and painting is a complete wreck and turns out nothing like I planned it to be. Not only does this stop me from creating, it stops me from imagining anything at all. I’m very stubborn you see, even when dealing with myself. Sometimes things must be perfect. Compare my frustration to going on a grand vacation and wishing you had a camera to record you experience, but alas, you are not allowed to bring one. I want to relive the things I think and keep them forever in time, preserved so that the whole world, or as least anyone who cares to see, can march in with me and experience the  realm’s only vaguely available to me personally. And even then it’s experienced in little bits and pieces. 
My wonderful art teacher started out charging me standard rate for lessons, but when I could not manage to pay for them any longer, she allowed me to take lessons in return for cleaning services, and occasionally baked goods :) She was a splendid woman. During my lessons we discussed every topic imaginable. I learned a great deal about her youth, her love life, and her experience as a mother with a teenage daughter only just younger then myself

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